Radiant Eye Firming Essence

Radiant Eye Firming Essence
  • Tighten eye area and reduce puffiness
  • Lift up eye contours and brighten eyes
  • Correct dark eye circles caused by puffiness and pigmentations
  • Ultra hydration by delivering moisture directly down to cellular level
  • Sustainable strong dermal hydration to prevent formation of dry & fine lines
  • Anti-oxidative and delay the aging of eye area


After cleansing and using a skin toner, apply a few drops to fingertips and gently tap into affected area surrounding the orbital bone. Use this essence am & pm.

Key Ingredients

Soy Peptide

By stimulating fibroblast proliferation and increasing collagen and elastin synthesis, it helps restructure collagen bundles in dermis as well as produce an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Peptide

Activate renewal of skin cells and promote cell division to remove dead and rough keratin. Also regulates melanin production to correct dark eye circles caused by pigment deposition.

Oxido Reductases

Possess powerful anti-oxidative effect, able to neutralize free radicals inside our body. Prevent oxidation process which leads to skin aging problems like laxity and pigmentations.

Seaweed Extract

Promote skin metabolism, enhance cells renewal to give tightening effect and smoothen fine lines. Also form a hydrating shield to protect skin's natural moisture barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid

A glycosaminoglycan which responsible for retaining inter-cellular moisture. Able to penetrate into dermal layer and provide deep moisturizing effect.