B5 Intense Hydrator

B5 Intense Hydrator
  • Ultra hydrator which deliver 1000 times of moisture to cellular level
  • Reduce fine lines and smoothen cracked skin
  • Repair skin's natural moisture barrier
  • Sustainable strong dermal hydration
  • Aid other skincare products’ absorption


After cleansing and using a skin toner to balance pH factor, apply a few drops to fingertips and massage into skin. Tap skin gently to aid absorption. Use this serum am & pm.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin B5

Help wound healing and tissue repair. Fortify skin's natural moisture barrier. Increase epidermal permeability to aid other skincare products’ absorption.

Hyaluronic Acid

A glycosaminoglycan which responsible for retaining inter-cellular moisture. Able to penetrate into dermal layer and provide deep moisturizing effect.


Promote cell division, repair epithelial tissue, and speed up wound healing. Also possess strong moisturizing power to give superficial hydration and soften keratin.